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GrapevineStar Media – New Media Trends, News and Information Resource, Salutes Trend Hunter Surpassing One Billion Views

GrapevineStar Media - New Media Trends, News and Information Resource Salutes Trend Hunter Surpassing One Billion. We wish continued fantastic growth and world class trend hunting to Jeremy Gutsche, Chief Trend Hunter and the entire Trend Hunter team, from your friends at GrapevineStar

GrapevineStar Media – New Media Trends, News and Information Resource Salutes Trend Hunter Surpassing One Billion

Trend Hunter surpassed an epic ONE BILLION lifetime views! Accordingly, today is a day of celebration, and we’d like to thank all of our Trend Hunters around the world for making it happen…. and let’s not forget all of our insatiably curious readers!

Just three years ago, we were celebrating our 100 millionth view. Now, our community hits that every few months, so it seems like our little baby is growing up.

Since today is a day of nostalgia, I thought I’d rewind five years to the beginning. I was always an entrepreneur-at-heart, and after a decade working in strategy and innovation, my career seemed to be tracking well, but I was frustrated that I still hadn’t found my business idea. So, I started Trend Hunter as a place for people to share ideas. I’d come home from work, teach myself to code, and work until 3 or 4 in the morning (pretty much every day).

Eventually, our community started to grow, ideas started flowing, and now we’ve reached 150,000 trends, 2,500,000 Facebook Fans, 100,000 members, 110,000 newsletter subscribers and, of course, one billion views.

Some highlights, attached as related articles, include the Trend Hunter Reality TV Sizzle Reel by Blair and Lee from Crucial Pictures, our Kanye vs. Ashton publicity stunt and THTV videos by James, Pietro, Steve and Noora at Secret Location, David Lavin, Charles, Nikki, Laura, Ken, Jessica, Katie Gord, Sally, The Meghans, Robert and the team at The Lavin Agency for booking me all the innovation keynotes to fund this dream, the book launch, launching our Trend Reports, our new Trend Platform, seeing our talented young team build something amazing, our wonderful internship academy, and our supportive community.

ALSO, a big shout out to the first three people, the talented Miss Bianca Bartz, the Rediculously Efficient Marissa Brassfield, and travel-rockstar Jacob Courtade.

It’s also worth separately calling out our fourth full timer and VP Operations, Miss Shelby Lee Walsh. She gets a special call-out for being spectacular because I also get to date her. 😉

You can find more of the early history and portfolios of the people who helped it rock (like Sixty, Cowbag, Ayman, Katie, Elsa, Lourdes) on our team page, and you can see the team making it happen today on our community pulse page…

Big thanks to everyone on the team, especially our current full timers, including: Shelby, Derek, Armida, Meghan, Marcus, Tim, Olivia, Jamie, Jaime, Mike and Taylor.

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Jeremy Gutsche, Chief Trend Hunter (@jeremygutsche)