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TrendSetter Update – Hip Hop & Urban Trends

The future of Hip Hop or should I say the eveolution of Hip Hop is in full effect. What do you think is in store for Hip Hop, music, clothing, lifestyle, what trends do you see?
Hip Hop and Urban Trends
Hip Hop and Urban Trends

The Worlds’ First Fashion and StreetWear Magazine SoJones, has been a trendsetter in identifying what is hot in the world of Hip Hop, his retail centered enterprise has given insight to the hip hop and urban community on what are the latest trends in Hip Hop lifestyle, celebrity news and of course clothing and accessories. The following article from RachelC gives us an update on What’s New, What’s Hot and What’s Not:

Catching Up with the Founder of SoJones
Article written by: RachelC

It’s been a minute since we’ve featured SoJones founder Rod “C.KhiD” Rainey. The original urban tastemaker and music artist sits down for an interview to let the readers know what he’s been into, what he’s wearing and what he’s hating!

SoJones Founder Rod “C.KhiD” Rainey
So Rod what have you been up to, what’s your new passion?

My passion’s always been art first and basketball second. I’m doing music and entertainment full time with a side of As a music artist, C.KhiD, I’m having fun with the music. I’ve been singing since 2nd or 3rd grade and rapping since 6th or 7th. I’m just using that first talent I developed and using it to make my future.

My brand CKHID and C.KhiD is an aim at conquering some of the new hip hop songs and music that push nonsense. Kicks and Chicks, I have fun with that project as well but I may be selling it soon.

What are you seeing in the fashion market that you are liking? Not liking?

At this point of time, I hate how Nike prostituted some of their sneakers. [But] I love how they did the DMP and CDP Jordan packages.

I’m digging the original streetwear but hating the ones just slapping a label on clothing and tripling prices. And Sean John clothing, that should be in every stylish man’s closet.

What are you wearing right now?

I have on a C.KhiD t-shirt, black Sean John jeans with a grey fade, and Space Jam Jordans. My Burberry watch, just took it off but I like my watch. I just like to put a little value on time but not ODing.

Think Air Jordans will still be going strong in another 20 years?

20 years from now, Air Jordans will probably be less hyped if they don’t pick up a new player to carry the brand. They need a top 5 player to carry it in my eyes.

Anything you were wearing in 2009 but dropped for 2010?

2009, I dropped all the colorful stuff. Everybody was trying to be tooo ‘individualistic’ which I did from 2002-2007 hard. I look good in black, heather grey, and brown so I stepped it up into those colors.

Air Force 1s are definitely completely gone. I lightened up on Nike SB Dunks because they are releasing so many.

Switching gears to music, I hear you had a mix tape out last year that did pretty well.
Def did ! Black Box Dreams is what i call the ‘rap mixtape album.’ All original music on my mixtape and no DJs spinning, just new songs I wrote. The single “I Want This World” landed on BET Centric and VH1 On-Demand television networks. It’s gotten me a recognition on iTunes charts and I hope everybody reading this downloads anything C.KhiD on iTunes.

Who is just on fire right now for you, who are you burning out on your iPod?

I don’t listen to a lot of new artists regularly. I like to listen to people rated as the greatest song writers of all-time and songs that have lasted through generations. I study those artists and the depth of their music. The Beatles and John Lennon, 2pac Shakur, Ben E. King, Bob Marley, Elvis Presley, Sade, Andre 3000, and more.

I might bump a little T.I. or Nas but other artists, I’m not onto like that anymore.

Big plans for 2010?

I hope to see my next CD “Black Box Dreams 2″ do well on iTunes. I’m focused on improving my digital download numbers. The music on “Black Box Dreams 2″ is so incredible I’m already happy as long as people hear it. It took nearly a year to really complete this whole album and I hope the world hears me.

No help from a major record company, record station, major DJ, or co-signs from artists. I’m just going strong hoping to turn ears to C.KhiD on iTunes!

Visit for the latest and hottest trends in hip hop fashion and streetwear. We salute and congratulate SoJones and wish them continued success.

The future of Hip Hop or should I say the eveolution of Hip Hop is in full effect. What do you think is in store for Hip Hop, music, clothing, lifestyle, what trends do you see?

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