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PR 01.30.05 – Japanese-Style Anime Meets American Diversity

Grapevine Star Entertainment Introduces Groundbreaking New Global Licensing Brand MeMe Yoshida™ and her Emotionals™ to Young Girls/Tweens

Japanese-Style Anime Meets American Diversity

Grapevine Star Entertainment Introduces Groundbreaking New Global Licensing Brand MeMe Yoshida™ and her Emotionals™ to Young Girls/Tweens

Dallas, Texas, January/Feburary 2005 – By blending stunning Japanese anime, a true diva-in-the-making and a circle of diverse, captivating friends, MeMe and My World™ uniquely captures today’s hottest trends in colors, clothes and music while exploring the emotions and relationships of young girls/tweens through MeMe’s Emotionals™, an irresistible set of imaginary animals triggered by MeMe’s innermost thoughts. The limitless potential for this global entertainment property includes Publishing, TV and Video Entertainment, Consumer Products, Apparel, Electronics, Toys, Games and so much more.

“This property represents a powerful, fresh approach to understanding and connecting with today’s global young girls/tweens. There’s no question that every young girl or boy will be able to find a reflection of themselves in the fascinating, warm-hearted world of MeMe Yoshida,” said Jacob Miles, President and Founder of Grapevine Entertainment Inc., “The MeMe brand combines entertainment, values and appealing characters in a compelling, distinctive format sure to drive teens to every retailer’s and potential licensee’s business.”

Executed in a vibrant Japanese-influenced animation style, the delightful world of MeMe Yoshida begins just outside Tokyo. MeMe, a young Japanese teen, finds her life taking a sudden, exciting and, at times, overwhelming turn when her father’s job transfer brings her to America. Her adventures in self-discovery produce comedic and dramatic results as she experiences the diversity in America, its fashion, culture, food, music and most importantly, its people. MeMe quickly makes friends with a wide range of girls and boys, from grunge to valley girl to urban hip-hop. Her trials and successes lead to an engaging series of friendships, love interests, relationships and self-awareness. And as a result of her swirling feelings within, MeMe finds the sudden appearance of a new set of characters: the never-ending array of lovable, huggable Emotionals, a set of dreamlike creatures representing the full variety of emotions, both good and bad.

Grapevine Entertainment Inc. is pleased to be the exclusive licensor of MeMe and My World and her Emotionals. MeMe and My World Inc. is truly a one-of-a kind-property, capturing the diversity, energy, emotional relationships, music and fashion of young teens across America and the world. This exciting, new brand will be launched at KIDSCREEN and The International Toy Fair in New York through private meetings with potential licensees in Retail, Toys, TV/Film, Publishing, Videogames, Sportswear, Stationery and many, many more arenas. Grapevine Entertainment’s initial focus will be on building the brand through long-term licensing and marketing programs with industry leaders across all product categories.

To build the most intense buzz and excitement on the street and in the stores, Grapevine Entertainment and its partners will launch a comprehensive marketing and licensing campaign for MeMe and My World beginning in the spring that will include girl and teen publications, national advertising and promotions and a comprehensive, extensive outreach to the anime community. Licensees can expect full brand support through celebrity seeding, endorsements and promotions in the Music, TV, Film, Fashion and Anime industry and an interactive web environment at, featuring interactivity as unique and compelling as the characters themselves. Grapevine Entertainment welcomes every retailer and potential licensee to share in the excitement as it launches one of the most memorable, influential brands in anime history.

About Grapevine Entertainment Inc.
Grapevine Entertainment Co. was founded by Jacob Miles, a Toys and Entertainment veteran with over 29 years of world-class industry experience as an engineering, development and operations executive. He was part of the team that pioneered licensing in the toy industry, having worked with American Greetings, The General Mills Toy and Entertainment Group, Tonka Toys, SEGA, BANDAI, HASBRO, Cultural Toys, Hallmark, DIC Entertainment, Film Roman, and The Family Company among others. Through Jacob, Grapevine Entertainment has been part of some of the world’s most popular properties and brands in children’s toys and entertainment, including Star Wars™, Care Bears™, Hollywood Hounds™, Strawberry Shortcake™, MeMe and My World™, C’Bear and Jamal™, Tex Dunright™, Little Puffy the Steam Engine™, Chubby Cubbies™, GoBots™, Pound Puppies™, and Mr. Bandman™ among many others.

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Jacob R. Miles III
CEO, Grapevine Star Entertainment Inc.
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