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Once you have selected your Social Media Analysts™ Plan we go to work for you with a focus on what is the best solution for your business.

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Popular Services for Small Business Social Media

Below are some of the popular services requested by Social Media Analysts™ client members:

Social Media Analysts™ Group Strategy

Social Media Analysts will help you to create a group that can build, network and share based on a common interest, we will not set up something that is blatantly about promoting your business.

Social Media Analysts Community Blog

Another great tactic is to start a blog run by one or more related local businesses. The blog must have useful content around a broad topic. Social Media Analysts content writers can help you with content or create content on your behalf.

Social Media Analysts Local Locations Matter

Social Media Analysts can help you navigate the world of Location-based social media services such as Foursquare which have created a check-in behavior driving mobile consumers to use their phones to check in to locations in a game-like manner. We help Local businesses explore ways to take advantage of this social behavior by claiming and enhancing business pages in Foursquare, Gowalla and/or Yelp.

We then explore ways for your local business to make offers through these tools using one or more of the various built-in features. We can also help small businesses tap this behavior by creating games using Foursquare or Scvngr, a tool that helps you take advantage of mobile technology to create scavenger hunts.

Small Business Social Media Landing Page

At the core of Social Media Analysts™ Small Business Plans is a social media landing page, it applies to all small businesses whether you are locally or globally focused. SMA enhances the local aspect of social media with landing pages that are specific to a social network. In other words, we create a Facebook page, LinkedIn page, Google+ page and Twitter page on your own website and link to them from your profile on the respective network.

Content for Small Business Social Media

In addition, Social Media Analysts™ can create & integrate content on your website & in your social media endeavors that’s both local and social to drive greater search engine results and further help your small business build a stronger presence in all of your and other social networks.

Content Packages

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Extended Services for Small Business Social Media

Do you have additional needs? Social Media Analysts™ offers extended services to cover all of your needs.

Extended Services

The Social Media Analysts™ “Extended Services”

Training & Certification

Social Media Analysts™ Training & Certification PackageLevel 1 Certification
ASP: Assessment, Strategy, Platform
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Social Media Analysts™ Training & Certification PackageLevel 2 Certification
PAP: Platform, Apps, Productivity
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Social Media Analysts™ Training & Certification PackageLevel 3 Certification
ASP, PAP, & Traditional Media
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