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Traditional mediaGet more info for social media & small business on Social Media Analysts™ : is certainly not going away. In fact it should be considered as an integral part of any social media objectives. Social Media Analysts™ can help you add and integrate traditional media marketing initiatives along with social media marketing initiatives via means such as:

  • Print
  • Outdoor
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Event
  • Promotional
  • The job title of “Media Analyst” can cover a range of activities. Broadly speaking, it is the activity of looking at the interaction between businesses or other organizations and the media. However, this can involve both objective and subjective measures and be motivated by different needs.

    With the traditional media package, Social Media Analysts™ study markets to find the best place to promote a particular business. This is usually a very objective type of project based on extensive use of statistics. Such work requires the analyst to not only understand the figures, but to understand how those figures relate to and affect one another. For example, seasonal patterns in consumer spending may affect the best place to promote a product. A Media Analyst might decide that a product which is normally best advertised in magazines for wealthy consumers should be advertised in tabloid magazines at Christmas when less wealthy people are more likely to spend up market.

    Our Media Analysts also keep track of how well a company or product is portrayed and covered in different media such as newspapers, television, and the internet. This involves a combination of subjective and objective abilities. Part of the work will simply involve keeping track of how often a product is mentioned and how many people will have seen the article, program or website. The work also involves making judgments about whether the article creates a positive or negative image, and how important the particular audience is for the product’s or service’s success.

    Contact your Social Media Analysts today to obtain a quote for your Social Media Package, fully integrated with traditional media.

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    Social Media Analysts™ Training & Certification PackageLevel 3 Certification
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