Social Media is Right for Small Business

Social Media Analysts™ helps small businesses. A small business typically does not have the time, the budget or the dedicated online marketing person much less the luxury of a social media manager. It is not recommended that most small businesses invest heavily in social media, custom appsGet more info for social media & small business on Social Media Analysts™ : and creative, it does not make economic sense. However social media does make good sense for brand focused and beyond the neighborhood focused small businesses. A Social Media Analysts can help a small business determine at what level to integrate social media into their business. One of the great things about social media is that you can start small and gradually ramp up your investment as you see positive results.

Social Media Analysts™ Small Business Packages are designed specifically for small businesses. They bring the future of next generation communication, customer interaction, acquisition and marketing to you now. Our solutions can be up and running in weeks not months.

Social Media Analysts™ Serves Small Businesses

We have social media analysts that have expertise in the application of:

  • Social Media for Hair Salons and Stylists
  • Social Media for Restaurants
  • Social Media for Specialty Retailers
  • Social Media for Medical Professionals
  • Social Media for Accountants and Lawyers
  • Social Media for Plastic Surgeons
  • Social Media for Health and Beauty Professionals
  • Social Media for Car Dealers
  • Social Media for Transportation Companies
  • Social Media for Manufacturers
  • Social Media for Dance and Acting Studios
  • Social Media for Advertising and Marketing Companies
  • Social Media for Insurance and Investment Brokerage Companies
  • Social Media for Real Estate Professionals
  • Social Media for Non-Profits and Civic Organizations
  • Social Media for Entertainment Companies
  • Social Media for Brand Managers

Small Business, Mom & Pop, Social Media

Small business also called mom and pop stores are defined as a business that is privately owned and operated, with a small number of employees and relatively low volume sales. They can be privately owned corporations, partnerships or sole partnerships. The legal definition of “small” varies by country and by industry, ranging from 50 employees in the European Union and fewer than 500 employees to qualify for many United States Small Business Administration programs. Small Businesses can also be classified according to other methods like assets, sales and/or net profits. Small businesses are a very important part of the economies in many countries, depending on the economic and sometimes political system they operate on. Typical examples of small businesses include: convenience stores, speciality retail shops, other small shops like bakeries, delicatessens, hairdressers, tradesman, lawyers, accountants, doctors, restaurants, musicians, artists, game developers, studios, programmers, bed and breakfasts, photographers, videographers, small manufacturers and online businesses such as web design and more.

Social Media Analysts™ are small business specialists.

Size Matters

The legal definition of “small” varies by country and by industry. In the United States the Small Business Administration establishes small business size standards on an industry by industry basis, but generally specifies a small business as having fewer than 500 employees for manufacturing businesses and less than $7 million in annual receipts for most non-manufacturing businesses.

In the European Union, a small business generally has under 50 employees, in Australia it is fewer than 15 employees. Relatively, medium or mid-sized businesses has under 500 employees in the U.S., 250 in the European Union and fewer than 200 in Australia.

In addition to the number of employees, other methods used to classify small companies include annual sales turnover, value of assets and net profit, alone or in a mixed definition. Small businesses are not normally dominant in their field of operation.

Social Media Analysts™ is globally focused… We help small businesses worldwide generate exposure and sales in the United States.

Advantages of Small Business when Integrated with Social Media

A small business can be started at a very low cost and on a part-time basis. Small business is also well suited to internet marketing because it can easily serve specialized niches, something that would have been more difficult prior to the internet revolution which began in the late 1990s. Adapting to change is crucial in business and particularly small business; not being tied to any bureaucratic inertia, it is typically easier to respond to the marketplace quickly. Small business proprietors tend to be more socially intimate with their customers and clients which results in greater accountability and maturity. Social media is a game changer for all businesses, but is especially well suited for small businesses. The key to successfully integrating social media is planning, having a social media strategy and a social media analyst on your team.

Independence is another advantage of owning a small business. One survey of small business owners showed that 38% of those who left their jobs at other companies said their main reason for leaving was that they wanted to be their own bosses. Freedom to operate independently is a reward for small business owners. In addition, many people desire to make their own decisions, take their own risks, and reap the rewards of their efforts. Small business owners have the satisfaction of making their own decisions within the constraints imposed by economic and other environmental factors However, entrepreneurs have to work very long hours and understand that ultimately their customers are their bosses.

The addition of social media into the small business operators tool kit can be a significant competitive advantage allowing small businesses to foster deeper relationships with existing customers and to acquire new ones.

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