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Small business typically do not have the time, the budget or the dedicated online marketing person much less the luxury of a social media manager. It is not recommended that most small businesses invest heavily in social media, custom apps and creative, it does not make economic sense. However Social Media does make good sense for brand focused and beyond the neighborhood focused small businesses. A Social Media Analysts can help a small business determine at what level to integrate social media into their business. One of the great things about social media is that you can start small and gradually ramp up your investment as you see positive results.

Social Media Analysts™ Small Business Packages are designed specifically for small businesses. They bring the future of next generation communication, customer interaction, acquisition and marketing to you now. Our solutions can be up and running in weeks not months.

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Social Media Services include assessment, applications, identities, performance metrics, & SEO. More Details
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Extended Social Media Services provide social media training & certification as well as turnkey & enterprise solutions. More Details
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Become a Partner through affiliate programs, training & certification, speaking, & careers in social media. More Details

Training & Certification

Social Media Analysts™ Training & Certification PackageLevel 1 Certification
ASP: Assessment, Strategy, Platform
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Social Media Analysts™ Training & Certification PackageLevel 2 Certification
PAP: Platform, Apps, Productivity
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Social Media Analysts™ Training & Certification PackageLevel 3 Certification
ASP, PAP, & Traditional Media
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