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  • Welcome To the Social Media Browser Wars RockMelt…..

    The era os RockMelt has begun, the company founded and financed by a group NetScape alumni are releasing a new web browser, a decade after the debut of NetScape and 12 years after its defeat in the first browser wars by Microsoft’s Explorer. Marc Andreessen, the NetScape founder and General believes it is time to [...]

  • British Monarchy and Royal Family Continue to Embrace Social Media….They Join Facebook

    LONDON: (GrapevineStar): You can follow the British Monarchy on social networking website ‘Facebook’. The Royal Family members, who are already regular users of micro-blogging site ‘Twitter’ and video-sharing site ‘YouTube’, have now set up their own Facebook page. The ‘British Monarchy’ page features pictures, news videos and speeches from Queen Elizabeth II, king-in-waiting Prince Charles and [...]

  • Social and Online Games Summit – February 28 – March 4, 2011

    The social gaming summit in San Francisco, taking place in February 2011 is destined to be the most attended and media covered social gaming event in 2011. The market for interactive entertainment on social web platforms has matured rapidly, and now the features and tropes of connected gaming are catching on across the gaming landscape [...]

  • Trend Alert – India and Social Media A Progress Report

    India is widely acknowledged as a nation that is on the forefront of the IT movement worldwide and there is hardly any nation that does not engage with India on that front . Recently , the new phenomenon of Social Media has become very pronounced and prevalent in India and has taken deep roots . [...]

  • Businesses Need Continuous Social Media Monitoring and Not on Project Basis : ThoughtBuzz CEO Anshul

    GrapevineStar Media congratulates Simply Social, an initiative from the makers of Buzzom in association with is organized to bring together entrepreneurs, social media experts and industry leaders together to discuss and explore the role of social media in the growth of businesses especially in the Indian context. We are honored to share with our global audience this interview with ThoughtBuzz CEO Anshul……Jacob R. Miles, CEO

  • Women Kills Baby for Interrupting Facebook Social Game Farmville

    Woman Kills Baby for Interrupting FarmVille by Erik Sass for MediaPost No, this is not a joke in very bad taste, much as I wish it were. In addition to being an absurd American tragedy, the story of Alexandra V. Tobias and her infant son Dylan Lee Edmondson, will doubtless provoke more warnings and laments [...]

  • How to Campaign across all platforms

    How to campaign across all platforms By Lucia Davis Article Highlights: All media is social, but not all social is media Understanding the consumer and the role the brand plays is the start of the planning process — not the platform The iPad changes how we consume digital content, even if the content is identical [...]

  • Facebook Challengers?

    How a Small Band of Upstarts Are Challenging Facebook Some Promising Open-Source Platforms Aim to Redefining the Social Web Posted by Garrick Schmitt for AdAge More than 500 million people connect with each other and with brands on Facebook – a staggering number greater than that of the US alone. That scale, once hard to [...]

  • Media Industry Events Calender

    Here’s the industry most comprehensive Events Calendar. To submit an event visit or email Next Week Media Buying Academy : MEDIA BUYING ACADEMY’S 4 1/2 DAY BOOT CAMP Miami, FL Media Buying Academy’s Boot Camp is the only 4 1/2 day seminar that teaches the “how-to’s” and “ins and outs” of buying both [...]

  • Do You Have a Mobile Strategy?

    Do You Have A Mobile Strategy? by Mark Walsh for MediaPost If mobile has become more than an afterthought for companies, it’s still far from being a key part of their marketing or e-commerce efforts. A new survey of more than 200 global companies by Forrester finds that more than half (57%) don’t have a [...]

  • Social Media Face-Off at DMA Conference in San Francisco

    Scenes From A Social Media Face-Off by David Berkowitz for MediaPost How do you share insights from nine panelists spending 50 minutes discussing what works with social media? You don’t. But given that I was one of the nine, I can at least share one person’s perspectives, including answers to questions that weren’t even asked. [...]

  • 33 Ways to make your App a hit – DiscoveryBeat 2010

    33 ways to make your app a hit: By Dean Takahashi As app stores multiply and the number of publicly released apps — just the ones we can see and count — approaches 1 million, content developers are having a hard time standing out from the crowd. That process is known in the app world [...]

  • Google TV vs Apple TV…..Let the Competition Begin!

    We have just entered the first round of 15 round heavyweight fight. Google TV vs Apple TV. Google is launching its product “Google TV,” available as part of a $300 set-top box from Logitech, or as part of a high-end TV’s from Sony. Google’s focus is on becoming the default way you look for TV [...]

  • Will Mainstream Media Embrace Boomers Focused Programming? Will PBS Lead?

    If Mainstream Media Embrace Boomers, Will PBS Take The Lead? By Stephen Reily – Media Post The New York Times recently ran a story about a new PBS effort called “Next Avenue,” which will package lifestage-directed programming combined with a website offering additional content on themes important to Boomers. The founders (a coalition of non-profits [...]

  • GrapevineStar Trend Alert – GameBeat Exclusive Nukotoys aims to be Silicon Valley’s toy company

    Nukotoys aims to be Silicon Valley’s toy company By Dean Takahashi Toys and electronics are still in search of a happy marriage. Nukotoys believes it has the answer with toys and games that merge virtual and real world activities. The startup is coming out of stealth mode today in the hopes of becoming Silicon Valley’s [...]

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