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  • GrapevineStar Trend Alert – Sexually Explicit Manga and Anime Under Attack in Tokyo, Japan

    Needless to say publishers are outraged, some going as far as announcing that they will boycott March 2011 Tokyo International Anime Fair, which normally draws over 130,000 attendees. This has raised some concern from Prime Minister Naoto Kan, it has not deterred Tokyo authorities.

  • Women Major Component of a Complete Social Media Program

    Women are not a part of your social media program… but should be the major component of a complete social media program. Ignore women in your social media plans and you decrease your changes for a successful social media program.

  • GrapevineStar Trend Alert – Corporations Are Sponsoring Social Games on Facebook

    The social games on facebook provide a new media opportunity for corporations, their brands and causes. These games deliver more than impressions, they deliver context, focused engagement and an expanded ability to tell your story or deliver your message says Jacob R. Miles, CEO of GrapevineStar Media. They allow companies to “convey the messages that are important to all segments of their target audience without making it a hard sell,” he says

  • GrapevineStar Trend Alert – Traditional Media Stars to Become Social Media Stars as Celebrities Rush to Facebook Games

    Zynga, the leader in social media based gaming is the creators of Farmville and Mafia Wars is beginning to integrate celebrities into their games….this brings traditional media stars into new media where they can more quickly become social media stars, look for this trend to increase in 2011….says Jacob R. Miles III, CEO of GrapevineStar

  • GrapevineStar Event Alert – Justin Bieber Fever Comes to 2011 Online Marketing Summit

    Scooter Braun, Jay Baer, Amber Naslund and Brian Halligan
    OMS is proud to announce the Keynote Speaker line-up for 2011. Hear directly from Scooter Braun, the man behind the rise of viral singing sensation Justin Bieber, and how the entire music industry is changing its marketing. Braun will impart his strategy and process for creating “Bieber Fever

  • GrapevineStar Trend Alert – India Social Media Report Edition 2 Released

    Findings from India Social Media Survey, Edition 2, jointly conducted by Blogworks, one of India’s most respected social media consulting firms and NM Incite (A Nielsen/ McKinsey Company) were released today at IndiaSocial Summit 2010, here are the quick highlights -

  • The Buzz for 2010 Top Social Media Ads

    Zeta Interactive, which mines blogs, comments on Twitter, message boards and posts in social media, has compiled its list of the ads of the year with the most “buzz.” (The company calls the online media mining technology it uses Zeta Buzz, hence its penchant for that word to describe the digital chatter.)

  • Ten Trends Changing China Over the Next Ten Years

    As we peer into the next decade, there is no doubt that China will play a large role on the world’s stage. What does that mean for ad agencies operating in China? Here are ten trends heading our way over the next ten years.

  • myYearbook is the Little Company That Could Launches Video Social Gaming

    The company intends to leverage several monetization models against the new feature. Video advertising is just one opportunity here, but there is also the possibility of tying video ads into the virtual currency that members often spend to play these games and use other apps.
    Video would seem to be a natural next step for social gaming, and in the long run it certainly could inspire new content and marketing models from both video advertisers and game developers.

  • Media Trend Alert – Wikileaks is the Frontline of Cyber War……Businesses BEWARE! And Alert

    Wikileaks has become the new frontline of Cyber Warefare. It is attacking the traditional discretion, secrecy or propritary information of goverments and soon businesses will also be included. There is no question that the world is watching Wikileaks, the good guys and the bad guys and letting eveyone know….How to be disruptive in a very bad way.

  • Celebrity Paula Abdul takes a crack at startups with a way to find fame on the Internet

    Entertainment Industry Trends Focus – Entertainer Paula Abdul, at one point a judge on the hit talent-seeking show American Idol, has decided that there aren’t enough ways to become famous in the traditional sense. So she’s launching a new startup that will help young up-and-coming stars find talent agents and gigs.
    Look for more and more celebrities to seek out investment and start up opportunities in the new media space….says Jacob R Miles III, CEO, GrapevineStar Media

  • Social Media and Selling are not that Different

    Social Media And Selling Media Are Not That Different
    by Cory Treffiletti,

    Social media is a lot like selling media: You need to listen first before you do anything else

  • Celebrities Recognize The Importance of a Digital Presence via Social Media

    Ashton Kutcher is the perfect example of a celebrity recognizing the importance of a digital presence by being a major player in social media and being part of a tech start up as creative director……says Jacob Miles, CEO GrapevineStar Media & Entertainment

  • Featured Media Company – MediaNews Group, a 21st Century Media Company

    ABOUT MEDIANEWS GROUP: 21st Century Media Company MediaNews Group is the second largest Media company in the United States. Driven by our deep heritage in newspapers, MediaNews Group aims to provide the highest quality news and media content to our loyal audience base. Add to that their online offerings of news and local websites, e-editions, mobile [...]

  • Trend Alert – Website Publishers Hope to Avoid Privacy Risks and Monetize Data Internally

    Major website publishers are moving to limit the number of tracking technologies on their sites from third parties. There objective is to keep the lucrative data collected on their sites for themselves and to limit their risk related to privacy issues. Web publishers are finally acknowledging that tracking software is running on their sites without [...]

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