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Tag Report: ‘ipad’

  • Celebrities Recognize The Importance of a Digital Presence via Social Media

    Ashton Kutcher is the perfect example of a celebrity recognizing the importance of a digital presence by being a major player in social media and being part of a tech start up as creative director……says Jacob Miles, CEO GrapevineStar Media & Entertainment

  • How to Campaign across all platforms

    How to campaign across all platforms By Lucia Davis Article Highlights: All media is social, but not all social is media Understanding the consumer and the role the brand plays is the start of the planning process — not the platform The iPad changes how we consume digital content, even if the content is identical [...]

  • Google TV vs Apple TV…..Let the Competition Begin!

    We have just entered the first round of 15 round heavyweight fight. Google TV vs Apple TV. Google is launching its product “Google TV,” available as part of a $300 set-top box from Logitech, or as part of a high-end TV’s from Sony. Google’s focus is on becoming the default way you look for TV [...]

  • Apple’s Steve Jobs Plays his TV Card

    Steve Jobs Played His Card by Michael Kokernak for MediaPost When Steve Jobs previewed Apple TV, he demonstrated the “one-click” video push system of moving content to other screens. Jobs had outmaneuvered the incumbents. Many multichannel providers who either already had the same feature working on an engineer’s bench, or were preparing to roll it [...]

  • Mobile Ad Budgets – Where’s the Money Coming From?

    Where Is The Money Coming From? by Mark Walsh for MediaPost One of the more intriguing pieces of advice handed out during MediaPost’s Mobile Summit last week was Eric Bader’s exhortation to look elsewhere besides digital budgets to fund mobile campaigns. He argued that because digital budgets were already small–between 5% and 8% of a [...]

  • Global TV’s Advantage Getting Stronger

    Devices Will Add To TV’s Advantage by Michael Kokernak for MediaPost Last week Dish announced that starting in September, subscribers will be able to watch television content on their iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. On the same day, Motorola and Verizon FIOS kicked off an effort to bring TV to a new digital tablet. Cablevision [...]

  • Event Alert – Virtual Goods Conference to Coincide with Toy, Game & Technology Summit

    “The Toy and Game industry has been intimately integrated with the casual games and virtual goods businesses. This integration will continue to increase dramatically”….says Jacob Miles, Chairman, GrapevineStar

  • U.S. Copyright Office Legalizes IPhone Jailbreaks…IPad Impact?

    U.S. Copyright Office Legalizes IPhone Jailbreaks Handing Apple a big defeat, the Library of Congress and Copyright Office said today that jailbreaking an iPhone isn’t unlawful — even when users bypass digital rights management technology to do so. “On balance,” the Library of Congress wrote, “when one jailbreaks a smartphone in order to make the [...]

  • Trend Alert – Digital Comics Having a Big Year due to IPad and other similar Devices

    It has been a big year for digital comics, with publishers like DC and Marvel jumping onto the iPad and other devices. Still, most of the news involves transferring existing comics to new devices. Now, two San Francisco startups, Cognito Comics and gaming company Tall Chair, are creating an experience designed specifically for the iPad. [...]

  • Mobile Trend Alert – Android Gains, Mobile Ads

    Conference Takeways: Gains For Android, Mobile Ad Engagement by Mark Walsh for MediaPost In case you couldn’t make it to the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Mobile Marketing Conference in New York this week, Citi analyst Mark Mahaney has issued a research note highlighting some of the key points from the event. The firm attended sessions from [...]

  • IndiaNIC – Featured App Development for IPhone, IPad, Android, Blackberry and More

    World Class Mobile Developer for Mobile Application Development – IndiaNIC The media world has greatly changed. The traditional office-based work environment is giving way to one that’s mobile and decentralized. Your systems may not be flexible and efficient enough to handle this change. And your data that’s captured and stored everywhere is probably not being [...]

  • Trend Alert – Video Advertising HTML5 is the Next Level

    Forget Everything You Know About Video Advertising by Frank Sinton HTML5 has become the latest battleground for tech companies. With Apple’s iPad only supporting HTML5 video (and not Flash), the push to HTML5 has been accelerated. For video advertisers, it is important to understand the effects of HTML5 and how video in the browser enables [...]

  • Trend Alert – Hulu Plus Subscription Digital Video Streaming Announced

    The American video-streaming website Hulu announced its new Hulu Plus subscription service on Tuesday. The monthly US$9.95 “ad-supported” premium service offers at least 33 current American television series, as well as the full episode lineup of “hundreds” of past television series, with 720p-resolution for high-definition content. Although anime programming has been on Hulu for years, [...]

  • IPad POV fron Archaia Comics… A Digital Comics Platform

    “[The iPad] is perfect for reading digital comics,” Crosland, 40, told CNN by phone Saturday afternoon. “I tried to use it on the phone, and it didn’t give you that same feel. … Comic books are designed for a large format, so you can appreciate the art and read it. It’s difficult to do on a small device.”

  • IPad, Apps, Tablet Computer, Lap Top Killer – Game Changer?

    The IPad is the most beautiful touch screen device the computing world has ever developed. It is most definetly a game changer. If PC makers are not rushing to deliver a similar device, then they are asleep at the wheel and the lap top vehicle(s) that’s currently driving their sales and profitablity will soon be run off the road

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