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  • Management of Digital Assets Conferences

    GrapevineStar recommends Createasphere Digital Asset Management Conferences, Next up: The Premier Event on the management of digital assets in Europe, detailed information below.

  • GrapevineStar Entertainment Technology Trend Alert – Createasphere

    Createasphere is a global community builder for the entertainment technology industry, advancing technology and careers through our Expos, Conferences, and online offerings.

  • New Media Trend Alert – Online Companies Ignoring Lucrative 50+ Demographic

      Web companies are ignoring the lucrative 50+ demographic Dylan Tweney for VentureBeat If you found that 60 to 80 percent of your customers belonged to a particular demographic, you’d probably retarget your marketing and product development efforts to focus on that market. Yet many internet companies are failing to do just that. The population in question [...]

  • GrapevineStar Brands Event Alert – Digital Kids® 2012, Media & Entertainment Event

    Digital Kids provides insight into the latest strategies, technologies and techniques. We bring an incredible amount of brain power together under one roof. The show is a ‘must-attend’ event for entertainment and media companies looking to compete in the digital space.

  • GrapevineStar – Cause, Character and Content Media Solutions at NAB

    The largest gathering of TV buyers – from small to medium to major networks and international affiliates – all shopping for content solutions to grow audiences and advertising revenue. Find the perfect delivery channel or digital distribution partner.

  • Grapevine Star Media Alert – NAB to Live Stream Select Sessions

    NAB SHOW, WHERE CONTENT COMES TO LIFE, is going strong in Las Vegas, Do not forget media and entertainment professionals to take advantage of the live streaming of select sessions. “What a Great Show, one of the best ever” says Jacob Miles, CEO of GrapevineStar Media

  • Social Media Analysts™is Right for Small Business

    Social Media Analysts will operate as a separate business within GrapevineStar’s media division. The programs and services are offered through its website,

  • Pretty in Pinterest: Beauty giant Sephora integrates pin-boards

    Beauty retailer Sephora has just become one of the first retailers to fully integrate with digital pin-board Pinterest by adding a “Pin It” button to every one of its 14,000 products.
    Sephora staffers will also highlight their favorite products on Pinterest pinboards. Following a meteoric rise, Pinterest is now the third most visited social network in the U.S. after Facebook and twitter.

  • GrapevineStar Media Events Calendar 2012

    Media and Entertainment Professionals here is the current MediaPost Media Events calender for the balance of 2012. GrapevineStar is dedicated to being a leading digital and social media resource for media and entertainment professionals. Do not forget to join our Media and Entertainment Professionals Group on LinkedIn and Facebook

  • GrapevineStar Media Salutes Hearst as they Mark their 125th Anniversary

    GrapevineStar salutes Hearst, a global media and information leader who’s reach extends to more than 100 countries. “We salute the vision and persistence of William Randolph Hearst who started the company in March 1887. GrapevineStar Media shares Hearst’s belief that media innovation leads to media progress” says Jacob Rudolph Miles III, Founder of GrapevineStar

  • Introduction to the Entertainment & Media Industry

    With astonishing speed, entertainment and media have evolved into a highly dynamic industry, interconnected by the global digital platform in a manner that few people could even have conceived of 20 years ago.

  • GrapevineStar Agency Alert – WPP’s MJoule Enters China’s Mobile Market

    WPP agencies GroupM and Tenth Avenue have joined forces to launch a mobile marketing presence in China through the acquisition of local mobile agency Wisereach. The new entity, known as MJoule, will combine assets of Tenth Avenue’s mobile specialty unit Joule with the existing mobile operations of GroupM in China.

  • GrapevineStar Media Alert – Internet-Only TV Homes Surge 22.8%, Spend 9% Of TV Time Online

    Nielsen issued a new report to clients Wednesday showing that the number of U.S. households that bypass cable or satellite TV and subscribe only to broadband Internet access has grown dramatically in the past year, and not surprisingly, they spend dramatically more time watching TV over the Internet.

  • Agency Execs Launch Social TV Platform…Spin off of

    Backed with a $400,000 round of seed capital, Swords and Broitman have teamed up with Edward Babbage, former CEO of electronic music company Resonant Vibes, to launch TV Dinner, whose initial application, not surprisingly, has been created for the iPad, but which will be adapted to other consumer electronic interfaces that people use in conjunction with their TV viewing.

  • NFL Super Bowl Gets Social Media Command Center

    Thus the upcoming Super Bowl, scheduled to take place in Indianapolis on February 5, will be outfitted with its own “social media command center,” courtesy of Raidious, an Indianapolis-based digital marketing firm which has been chosen to operate the online nerve center of the big game.

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