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Tag Report: ‘applications’

  • GrapevineStar Digital Agency Alert – 8 Awesome Advertising APIs

    Digital Agencies and Web businesses use application programming interfaces (APIs) for all sorts of things, depending on their unique needs and the demands of their customers.

  • GrapevineStar Recommends – Melodi Collection of Valentines Day Content

    We’re pleased to recommend this fantastic content collection for Valentine’s Day 2012, including love songs, modern and classic, plus a large selection of images and screensavers, and a great collection of romantic (and sexy!) games and applications.

  • Small Business Alert – Tips for small startups taking on the big guys

    Punching above your weight: Tips for small startups taking on the big guys By Chris Drake Boxing, mixed martial arts and wrestling employ weight classes to ensure the competition is fair and you’re tested on skill, not size. In business, weight classes don’t exist, so if your company is a young, skinny 95-pounder, while your [...]

  • Social Media Analysts Trend Alert – Ten Mobile Social Trends For 2012

    How prepared are you for the mobile social tidal wave, tsunami, hurricane, and Bieberquake that will hit us in 2012?

  • Apple’s Steve Jobs Plays his TV Card

    Steve Jobs Played His Card by Michael Kokernak for MediaPost When Steve Jobs previewed Apple TV, he demonstrated the “one-click” video push system of moving content to other screens. Jobs had outmaneuvered the incumbents. Many multichannel providers who either already had the same feature working on an engineer’s bench, or were preparing to roll it [...]

  • IPad, Apps, Tablet Computer, Lap Top Killer – Game Changer?

    The IPad is the most beautiful touch screen device the computing world has ever developed. It is most definetly a game changer. If PC makers are not rushing to deliver a similar device, then they are asleep at the wheel and the lap top vehicle(s) that’s currently driving their sales and profitablity will soon be run off the road

  • How Will Apple’s IPad Integrate with Social Media

    The biggest impact will not come from the first generation device released in April, the biggest impact will come from 2nd and 3rd generation ipads and the devices that are developed to compete with the ipad.

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