GrapevineStar™ Brands and Intellectual Properties for Licensing and Development of Products, Media, New Media, and More.Welcome to the world of GrapevineStar™, a globally focused, next generation media & entertainment company, engaged in the development, acquisition, management, licensing, distribution and sales of media & entertainment content.

Content is Our Connection!™

We live and breathe content. We fight for content creators! We fight to help you grow revenue!

GrapevineStar’s research, proprietary properties, and services model features high demand niche social networks, websites, online directories, video syndication, live events, and digital distribution outlets. These synergistically managed assets go deeper than others in providing targeted more meaningful data, services and support for our partners.

In addition to using its extensive digital network to drive awareness and sales, GrapevineStar also commits significant resources to advertising (TV, Internet, Print), public relations (Press Releases, Social Responsibility Tie-Ins), and Events (Festivals, Concerts, Theatre, Community).

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