Jacob R. Miles III

Jacob R. Miles III, Founder, CEO and Chairman has held his position since the inception of the company. He has over 25 years experience working in products, media and entertainment businesses. Prior to holding this position Mr. Miles was CEO and Chairman of Urban Television Network Corp., a multi-culturally focused national broadcast television network. Before this he was President & CEO of Urban Cool Network Inc., a leading urban focused internet portal. In this capacity he led the vision and execution of the build out of the technology infrastructure and content. He also held a leadership position on Vice President, Al Core’s Digital Divide Initiatives in the inner cities of America.

Mr. Miles is also a past Vice President of Hasbro’s Tonka Toys Div., A senior executive for General Mills Toy and Entertainment Group and prior to that he was employed by General Electric Corp.

Mr. Miles is an alumnus of University of Cincinnati Engineering School; He has taken management courses at New York University and Xavier University.

He has been featured in various newspapers, magazines, television and radio outlets, Including the Wall Street Journal, CNN, BET, Business Week, and Today Show among others. He has also been featured in several leading business books.

Mr. Miles has served as Arts Commissioner for the City of Minneapolis, on the board of the United Way Minneapolis-St Paul, Minnesota Children’s Museum and as Neighborhood Coordinator and Council delegate for the city of Cincinnati. He currently serves on the board of Directors of the City of Grapevine, Texas’ Grapevine Heritage Foundation and MeMe and My World Inc. He is a co-founder of Beautiful Africa LLC and MeMe and My World Inc. He has received the Martin Luther King Humanitarian Award from Minneapolis College and speaks at media and entertainment conferences nationally and internationally.

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